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Summer Spotlight Spectacular! 

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Missed one of our Spotlight Specials over the past year? No worries!  

We're going to be reopening the spotlight specials from the past year for two days at a time throughout the month of August (except for the most recent ones). 

Here's how it works: 

  • Every two days, starting August 1st, we'll bring back two Spotlight Specials - for TWO DAYS ONLY. 
  • When the two days are up, the next set of two Spotlight Specials will be discounted - again, for two days only. 
  • On August 31st, we'll reopen the last two specials - but for ONE DAY ONLY 

Everything is automated, so once the timer hits '0' on one set of specials, those prices will go up, the cart buttons will be hidden, and the next specials will become available. 

You can keep coming back to this page to see the sale schedule, and to get a quick link to any product's details (just click on the title of each). 

Here's your sale schedule...

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August 3rd to 4th 

Social Proof Strategies

Show your audience how to harness the power of social influence to increase conversions.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50


Personalized Content Marketing

Help your followers create a unique customer experience & increase engagement by personalizing their content. 

Sale Price: $37 $18.50

August 5th to 6th 

How to Use the Power of Storytelling in Marketing

Guide your clients through the proces and tactics for using stories to engage target customers and get more sales.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

How to Use Psychographics to Understand Your Market

Show your clients how to incorporate this incredibly effective strategy into all aspects of their marketing efforts.

Sale Price: $47 $23.50

August 7th to 8th

Above and Beyond  

Help your audience create 'WOW' experiences for customers, business partners, and employees... so that they'll stand out from others in their market. 

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

 From Values to Profit  

Teach your customers how to define core business values and put them into action in their business.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

August 9th to 10th

Service Business Success  

Explore proven strategies for how to tackle the challenges that prevent the success of a service business startup.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Help your customers shift their mindset to embrace change and reject the status quo.

Sale Price: $37 $18.50

August 11th to 12th 

The Ideal Customer Experience Journey

Guide your clients through the process of identifying the ideal experience they want their customers to go through, where they need to make changes, and how to make that experience a reality in their business.

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

Powered Up Processes

Show your audience how to supercharge and simplify their business by streamlining their business processes.

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

August 13th to 14th 

7-Day Content Repurposing Challenge  

Get all the content you need to run a fun and engaging 7-day challenge, via email, on how to reach a wider audience by repurposing existing content. 

Sale Price: $57 $28.50

Brilliant Brainstorming Methods 

Teach your audience the top 7 methods for generating and evaluating ideas - no matter what problem they need to solve.

Sale Price: $37 $18.50

  August 15th to 16th

Email Copywriting Essentials 

Help your customers hone their email writing skills so they can take their email marketing to the next level.  

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

Customer Onboarding: After the Sale

Guide your clients through implementing a consistent and reliable onboarding process for new customers.

Sale Price: $97 $48.50

August 17th to 18th

Strategic Content Curation  

Show your followers how they can use other people's content to grow their own business.  

Sale Price: $47 $23.50

Blogging Mastery

Teach your audience how to become professional, influential bloggers while building a profitable, lifelong business.

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

August 19th to 20th

Rapid Results Marketing Formula

Help your clients break free from the chains of marketing overwhelm that weigh down their growth.

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

Project Management Made Easy

Teach your audience a proven project management process to move every project smoothly from start to finish.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

August 21st to 22nd

Facilitating with Confidence

Help your clients develop the skills for running dynamic, productive workshops, webinars, and group meetings.

Sale Price: $147 $73.50

Presenting with Confidence

Help your clients overcome any public speaking fears and deliver engaging, persuasive presentations.

Sale Price: $147 $73.50

 August 23rd to 24th

Introduction to SEO & Keywords

Show your audience how to optimize content for relevant keywords so that it can be found online when people do a search.

Sale Price: $47 $23.50

Attract & Engage with Visuals

Show your customers how to strategically create and use visual content to boost their business.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

August 25th to 26th  

How to Use Content Marketing to Build Your Brand

Help your customers break through the noise of online content and take their own content marketing to the next level to grow their business and their brand.

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

On-Camera Video Basics

Get your clients on the right track for creating exceptional face-to-face, talking-head videos that help them connect with their market.

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

August 27th to 28th

Start Your Own Business: Step by Step

Walk your audience through the steps for starting their own online or offline business, so they can make their dream of starting a business a reality.  

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

How to Build an Email List from Scratch

Guide your audience through the steps for starting and growing the type of email list that drives their business success.

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

August 29th to 30th

How to Create a Membership Site

Teach your clients how to build and run a subscription-based website for recurring income.

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

How to Create an Online Course

Walk your audience through all the steps for designing, developing, and running an engaging online course. 

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

August 31st – 1 Day ONLY

How to Create Your Marketing Plan

Guide your clients through the complete process for creating a comprehensive, detailed marketing plan that will drive their ultimate business success.

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

How to Create Sales Pages that Convert  

Show your audience how to turn their visitors into customers with an enticing landing page.  

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

Q & A About the Sale:

  Below are a few of the most common questions we get about our sales.  

Question: What if I already own the product? Should I get the latest version?  

All of the courses in the sale have been updated to some extent in the past year, so there's no need to buy it again! If you purchased it over a year ago, you may want the latest version. If it's something we did minimal updates to, then you can just redownload it from your account. Check the sales page to see if it looks different. If it's something we did more significant updates and additions to, then you may want to buy the newest version. We can give you a credit for the amount you paid, if it's less than what it's on offer for now. If you paid MORE than what it's on offer for now, we'll just send you the newest version. Email us at with all order information.

Question: What if I just bought it at full price? Can I still get the discount?  

If you bought one of the sale products in the last 2 weeks at full price, send us an email at with your order number.  

We'll add a store credit to your Content Sparks account for the amount you would have saved. You'll be able to use that credit on any future purchase. It never expires.  

Question: What's your return policy?  

For our larger programs (Blaze), the guarantee is outlined on its sales page - You need to review the materials right away (first 7 days). If it won't work for your business and your audience, email us at, let us know why, and we'll issue a refund or credit.  

For smaller products, we don't issue refunds for content you've already downloaded. That information will show up in your account.  

However, if you've purchased something twice by mistake (it happens!), let us know and we'll issue a credit or refund.

Have more questions?

You can also find answers to common questions in our Help Center or by clicking in the Frequently Asked Questions, which you can see by clicking on the pop-up button below.

If you have specific questions not covered in the ones above or below, you can also email us directly at