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Anniversary Deal Days! 

Get 50% Off Popular Products and Hidden Gems

Prices Go Up March 24th


To celebrate the anniversary of Content Sparks, we're discounting some of our most popular courses, along with a few hidden gems you may not have seen before. A new deal goes live every day for 12 days. You can keep coming back to this page to see what's on sale for the day, and to get a quick link to that product's details (just click on the title of each).

Here's a list of what's included in the sale and when each one will be discounted...

How to make your dream of starting your own business a reality.

Sale Price: $297 $148.50


How to break away from the status quo, overcome your fear of change, and watch your business achieve true growth.

Sale Price: $37 $18.50

How to start and grow the type of email list that drives your business success.

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

How to transform your mindset to achieve entrepreneurial success

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

How to turn your visitors into customers with an enticing landing page 

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

How to connect with your audience & build trust with quick, simple face-to-face videos 

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

How to package up your expertise in a branded process that grows your business and helps more people  

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

How to build and run a subscription-based website for recurring income

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

How to harness the power of social influence to increase conversions

Sale Price: $77 $38.50

How to use free strategy sessions to effortlessly sell your high-priced offers without feeling like you're being pushy or doing a hard sell

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

  • Day 11 - March 22nd (2 Deals!)

1. Fill Your Live Events  

How to fill seats for your next live event - even if you've never run one before 

Sale Price: $197 $98.50

How to maximize your results when attending live events and conferences

Sale Price: $57 $28.50

How to create a complete marketing plan that will drive your ultimate business success

Sale Price: $297 $148.50

Q & A About the Sale:

  Below are a few of the most common questions we get about our sales.  

Question: What if I already own the product? Should I get the latest version?  

Most of the courses in the sale have needed minimal updates, so there's no need to buy it again!  

For anything that's older than one year, it's possible that we've done updates. If you want that version, just let us know and we'll send you a link to download it. Email us at  

Question: What if I just bought it at full price? Can I still get the discount?  

If you bought one of the sale products in the last 2 weeks at full price, send us an email at with your order number.  

We'll add a store credit to your Content Sparks account for the amount you would have saved. You'll be able to use that credit on any future purchase. It never expires.  

Question: What's your return policy?  

For our larger programs (Blaze), the guarantee is outlined on its sales page. You need to review the materials right away (first 7 days). If it won't work for your business and your audience, email us at, let us know why, and we'll issue a refund or credit.  

For smaller products, we don't issue refunds for content you've already downloaded. That will show up in your account.  

However, if you've purchased something twice by mistake (it happens!), let us know and we'll issue a credit or refund.

Have more questions?

You can also find answers to common questions in our Help Center or by clicking in the Frequently Asked Questions, which you can see by clicking on the pop-up button below.

If you have specific questions not covered in the ones above or below, you can email me directly at